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NTSA Citizen Self-service Portal


NTSA Help Desk: 0709 932 300 (safaricom), 020 6632 300 (Telkom)


portal.ntsa.go.ke – National Transport and Safety Authority


NTSA Website. TIMS portal


timsvirl.ntsa.go.ke – Integrated Country Engine


Please enable JavaScript to view the page content. Your support ID is: 10493339561803396372.


How to login to NTSA TIMS system | Makao Bora


Aug 22, 2021 · Step 1: Open the NTSA TIMS portal using this link https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/ click on Sign In on the upper right corner to view the registration and login interface as show in the image below. Click on the Login Method to choose one whether to login using Username, ID No. or Certificate of Incorporation.


How to login to NTSA TIMS Portal |Register New Account Today


Aug 20, 2021 · How to login to NTSA TIMS Portal. The NTSA tims account is a provision by NTSA for drivers and students who are training in Driving schools to become new Drivers. The Vehicle Registration Services were handled by KRA In the Past but in 2015 the Government made a provision and initiated NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority).


NEW NTSA TIMS ACCOUNT LOGIN: The quick and easy guide …


Jun 17, 2021 · NTSA TIMS is a platform where Kenyan citizens can access various government services easily online regarding motor vehicles. This is our quick and easy guide for the New NTSA TIMS account login. To register, transfer, book and inspection etc. you need an NTSA TIMS account.

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