Severe inflation is making the American people breathless, and almost every day they will find that the price of commodities, especially gasoline, has risen.
Energy is everywhere, but unfortunately our mastery of energy is low, the best at using it is still combustion, ancestors burn trees, we burn oil.

The sun is the largest source of energy, but how to maximize the use is a problem.
The current photovoltaic technology is imperfect and not suitable for large-scale deployment. One of the most obvious problems is that solar panels will not be able to provide electricity at night, but in fact the sun shines on the earth during the day, and the earth absorbs energy and then releases it at night. If we can harness these 2 energy sources, then we will have clean energy both day and night.

There have been related technologies invented, but it is still the question: when will it be deployed on a large scale and benefit the people?
Also, why don’t we learn from trees? Build a tree-like photovoltaic device with an umbrella-like shape that absorbs more sunlight. And we can design it to be rotatable so that we can use wind energy.
Find a place with plenty of sun and wind energy, install such equipment, and then test and improve…

Science requires a rigorous attitude but also requires imagination!